The U.S. 61 bypass will become part of Interstate 69. This addition to our nation's interstate system will provide an important tool for distribution.


Rail Service

Rail service is alive and well with a locally based short line providing daily switching and regularly scheduled movements to the Canadian National mainline which connects Chicago with New Orleans.

Coahoma County offers a direct four-lane connection to Memphis, Tennessee (just 74 miles north) via U.S. 61 and will sit squarely astride Interstate 69, America's next big corridor of commerce, when it connects Indianapolis with Mexico. In addition, U.S 49 bridges the Mississippi River just north of Clarksdale, and State Highway 6 connects Clarksdale with Interstate 55 just 38 miles to the east.

The Mississippi River

The mighty Mississippi River forms the western boundary of Coahoma County and offers enormous transportation benefits for companies moving bulk commodities or oversized products.

If distribution is important to you, it's good to know that the FedEx super hub is only an hour away via four-lane. Maybe it's time to check out the Memphis alternative -- Clarksdale.

Memphis International Airport

Memphis International, only an hour away, offers hundreds of commercial flights each day and is home to the amazing FedEx super hub, making it the world's busiest cargo airport.

Municipal Airport

Our municipal airport, Fletcher Field, boasts a 5,400' runway, 300,000 sq. ft. of concrete apron, PAPI's, REIL's, and an AWOS III. A full-service FBO offers Jet A and hangar space. Memphis Center provides excellent radar approach and departure service.

Distance to Clarksdale:

Atlanta, GA

421 miles

Chicago, IL

606 miles

Dallas, TX

466 miles

Jackson, MS

151 miles

Little Rock, AR

144 miles

Memphis, TN

75 miles

Mobile, AL

352 miles

Nashville, TN

279 miles

New Orleans, LA

355 miles

St. Louis, MO

355 miles