Cooper Tire and Rubber Company manufactures inner tubes and curing bladders at their plant in Clarksdale.

Labor & Training

An Emphasis on Training Labor

Standard Industrial Corporation manufactures large hydraulic presses and shears. They are a recent winner of the Governor's Award for Excellence.

When it comes to manufacturing or distribution, there is just no substitute for trainable labor. The state of Mississippi and Clarksdale and Coahoma County have made substantial commitments to ensuring that new or expanding industries are able to take advantage of an amazing array of incentives, including the development and implementation of training programs custom-tailored for each specific industry.

Incorporating Digital Technologies In Manufacturing

Workers at Strohm Manufacturing keep a close eye on digital embroidery machines at their hat manufacturing facility.

Coahoma Community College plays an integral part by providing the facilities and personnel to set up and conduct the training.

There's No Substitute

KBH Corporation manufactures a broad line of sophisticated agricultural equipment. Headquartered here, KBH delivers equipment to dealers throughout the nation.

Mississippi is a right-to-work state with some of the most advanced training programs in the nation. Whether your company is large or small, a customized training program will be designed specifically for you, utilizing funds provided by the MS Department of Education. The training can be done at Coahoma Community College, the Workforce Development Center in the Sunbelt Industrial Complex, a mobile unit near your facility, or at your plant.

SafTCart, a locally-owned manufacturer, moved into a former available building in Leonard Pharr Industrial Park. They are a past winner of the Governor's Award for Excellence.

Coahoma Community College Workforce Development Center is dedicated to creating a globally competitive workforce by providing a state-of-the-art full-service resource center that responds to the needs of business, industry, and the community. All training is done at little or no cost to your company, and all counseling and assessments are kept confidential.